Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is over. Real life is back... almost!

After surprising my parents and showing up unexpectedly for Christmas, it´s surprising how well I adapted to living in Spain. OK, I´ll admit it´s a LOT easyer with this fabulous weather...
I also had my driver´s liscence renewed, so I´m ready for trucking as soon as I find a job. Here are some pictures of the recent days.

First things first, the ham needs carving!!

Also. serenading the family is a MUST! Steve Earle? Bob Dylan? No, that´s ROGER TRUCKER, eh!

This is a premature posting, I´ll be posting more when I get more digital cameras developed (?)!!


Javitxu said...

Ese jamoncitoooo!!

Ya veo que a todo lo bueno se acostumbra uno rápido,jeje!!

Que tengas una buena entrada de año,y suerte con lo del curro.

Nos vemos!

Adasa Aeneas said...

No sabia que ya estabas en España! Jeje... muy buenas fotos con el jamoncito y la guitarrita.

Feliz año nuevo!!!

Anonymous said...

Anda que no ens ho vam passar be ehhh! I la cançó del "Trucker" va ser genial noi... tinc la foto de quan vas cantar amb les ulleres del Kyle!

T'estimo noi!! Smuak!