Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Visiting TRUCK WORLD in Toronto

The truck show in Toronto wasn't as big as I thought it would be. There were hardly any trucks, the big names had a very small presence. Probably the biggest in the show was Freightliner, who had half a dozen class 8 tractors, most of which are old models and outdated, like the Classic or the Columbia. But they had their trucks looking great, all colors matching.
Peterbilt had a sad truck exposition, not even the 387 was there, and the trucks they did have were dull in comparison to the Montreal show I had been some time ago.
International could have been better, and with so much talk about their new LoneStar, which, if you ask me, is the coolest looking truck in the world (and I'm a Pete fan), they only had one LoneStar to show. The size of their stand was small, and obviously it was full of people, and it was friday.
So, unable to take a decent foto, I managed to get these on the web. I hope you enjoy it.

Now to some of the "normal" trucks...

Freightliner Cascadia and International ProStar

Classic trucks display, GMC and International. Imagine driving one of those now?

This Kenworth was tuned by the Chrome Shop Mafia, and is part of the Castrol display.

Awesome Pete, its decoration inspired in the movie "The Gambler" with Kenny Rogers.


Doulos said...

Impressive trucks ... flashy and comfy. Looking forward to perhaps doing the Ontario Vancouver run this year ... if the Lord will ... Riding a Peterbilt will sure be nice.

Anonymous said...

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