Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I go "Ice Road Trucking"!

I mean the real deal, where it's real dangerous, unpredictable. No TV series on, that means no husky voice in the background predicting imminent doom.
What happens When you get rain over frozen? Look and see.

Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario. Hwy 11. All looks well.

Manitoban Trans-Canada. That's where the fun begins. The trailer would slip and drag the whole unit into the ditch. Careful slow drivers like this one avoided the ditch, but got stuck on the ice when the trailer got into the inclined shoulder.

Slow motion jack-knife. Even at slow speeds like 30km/h.

This Trans-X truck even had chains on!

Ice is not the only danger. Whiteout conditions will get you into trouble too. Nice to have soft snow to land on. This one was on Hwy 11 between Hearst and Longlac, Ontario. I was westbound here.


Javi said...

I thought you´re on your way to Yellowknife, hahaha!

Don´t tell me about whiteouts... just waiting for the lovely summer. Meanwhile, heading to California!.

Everytime I cross the curves before Golden, BC at night and snowing I think how you can be running there all the time!

Take care and drive on the dry side, Roger!


Hey Javi, I heard that spring arrived in Spain! At least you get it in California, eh! I'm stuck in Canada for now...

Santiago Escuain said...

Pretty cold - that was ten days before the Spring Equinox! Love from sunny Spain, Papa and Mama

Anonymous said...

Woo-oo-ooow! Quina passada! I a tu, no et va passar res?