Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This trip I drove a rented truck, since Jeff left earlier on my Peterbilt. It was an interesting experience, because by driving this crappy truck I learn to appreciate more the Peterbilt I usually drive. This truck had everything wrong: downgraded engine, ten speed transmission, no bunk heater, no inverter, ugly white steel rims all around on a disgusting yellow painted truck...

Ugly truck trying to pose.

The nose dosn't look too bad. The fog lights are useless.

The seats are a hand-me-down from the older 9400 series. I like the side window.

The dashbord is very practical, and I love the switches on the steering wheel. But the build quality is beyond most truckers dignity. I hope they're better on owner-operator units.

Ugly white steel rims... They should be outlawed.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!!!Your driving big bird!

El Santy said...

And you complain about it, come to méxico to drive a truck with millons of miles and manufactured in 1975

Javi said...

Hahahaha... it looks like a lemon!!

Enjoy it!!

I think I can see you from here (Iowa), hahaha!

Anonymous said...

The poor guy. Hahahahahaha, I like your humoristic way of putting it down. Of writing it. Whatever.

Santiago Escuain said...

Oh, well ... and then you love to drive your 30 year old Renault 4L when you are in Spain! :D

Anonymous said...

Vaya !!! que no es para tanto solo es un par de viajes y ya!! De vuelta con el cadillac de la ruta.

Roger esto de vacaciones por dos semanas!! a ver si vienes por casa para comer un BBQ

Un saludo