Friday, July 3, 2009

Where I've been lateley.

From Toronto to Edmonton, and then from Edmonton to Vancouver.

Sliding my tridems to the back, for a more comfortable ride. The fifth wheel also got slid to the back. At the scale house in Cochrane, Ontario

West of Edmonton, on the Yellowhead Highway. First time at Jasper National Park.

North of Kamloops, on HWY 5. Nice view in a lay by.

On the Coquihalla south of Kamloops, H&R trouble. Steep grade must be to blame.


Anonymous said...

Awesome scenery! I wish I could visit these places.
Anyway, glad you're safe, and I hope you had a great time in this trip!

Anonymous said...

Roger que pasa tio, que no se tiene noticias tuyas!! que ya hece buen tiempo para un BBQ colega,!!

Ya te contare cuando vengas , dame un telefonazo
Un saludo y prudencia en la carretera


frcascadiafan said...

You've got a really sharp truck there Roger. I get to see the odd H&R Cascadia once in a while on the main highway between Calgary and Edmonton, but I never am able to take any pics. I like what I see of what you have shot of yours. And I do hope that you will be able to take lots more (I'd like more of the tractor of course, and of the trailers~ tridems, back doors, etc:)!