Friday, December 4, 2009

Across Canada with the car!

Forget the truck, this time I get to travel across Canada in my car. One last trip before I go back to Spain, a farewell tour for my Canadian family.

Ah, for once I get to pass the trucks!

Dark Northern Ontario Hwy 11

Snow. Lots of it.

H and R truck. Many of them:

I have to stop for a Banana Split, in Moosomin, Saskatchewan. Cheers!


BOB said...

Hi roger if your going home to spain what part of Spain then? . have a safe one mate and keep the blogg up when your back in spain.might see you some time over there till then keep it sunny side up .... bob

Adasa Aeneas said...

Hi Roger!!

Bonitas fotos!

Qué bonita la nieve siempre y cuando se ve a través de la ventana desde casa o se disfruta con los amigos!

Merry Christmas, Roger! ;)

Marc-Daniel said...

MACUUU que bé que t'ho estàs passant! Disfruta d'aquests moments que el Senyor et dóna. Afarta't de neu i glaç perquè aquí no n'hi ha :)

Rep una forta abraçada del teu txermà

Anders Viking said...

Keep on "car-ing"! Take lotsa fotos and video. We are "on the move" too, to make you a space in our house...

Can't wait to see you!

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