Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome unemployment.

Hello, long time no see... Well, working a steady monday to friday keeps me a lot buisyer then living on the road. I have had a hard time adapting to it, I have always missed the long haul.
The fact is, that although I planned to stay woking here until at least Christmas, unproffessional atitudes within management have accelerated my exodus, giving them the two week notice, and planning a short vacation before searching for new wheels. No, I don't have a job yet. Searching for long, long haul...

I end my job August 19th.

Heading to the beach!!


Chris said...

Good luck with finding a new job, enjoy it on the beach!

LSEP said...

Jajaja Fantàstica transició... "I end my job August 19th. Heading to the beach!! Cheers!" Així és com cal fer les coses! Una abraçada ben gran i petons! Fins aviat!

Borja said...

Are you thinking about move again? Hummmm... maybe Australia? Good luck, Roger!!

DougFuzzy said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roger, those aren´t short holidays, I hope your news about your next job on a long, long haul... I'm sure will be a great adventure.

Anonymous said...

Ens tens abandonats, dona senyals de vida soci....

Good man said...

lolz thats awesome coool pics and story line with all

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