Thursday, November 1, 2007

About the spanish in my blog...

There is spanish in my blog because I AM spanish. From Spain, that is. You know, the one in Europe.

Anyways, there have been no comments in spanish so far, only catalan (and english, eh!)

Memories from Spain


Doulos said...

Hi, Roger, this time I'll write in English rather than Catalan. This is one of the most graphic signs you can find in Spain, eh? By the way, for those that mistake Catalan for Spanish, in case they are curious about this language of ours in N.E. Spain and S.E. of France (neither Spanish nor French), they can click in

Greetings to all! GP

Anonymous said...

Uyyy, em fa l'afecte que ens trobes a faltar!
I nosaltres també!! Almenys jo, vamos!
Love ya!

Eliweski said...

Jajaja!! L'altre dia anant a Manresa vaig veure aquesta senyal! Sempre m'ha fet riure... Una abraçada!!