Monday, November 19, 2007

Lake Superior

I finally stoped at that viewing point on the Trans-Canada HWY that I´ve always wanted to pull over in, but either I was always too lazy (not THAT easy to stop and park a 80,000lb truck when you´re half-dozing while crusing at 105km/h), or I sped past it without realizing it was there.
Somewhere north of the Soo, and south of Wawa.
The temperature was close to zero (celcius), so you can imagine the water wasn't inviting!


Doulos said...

Great pictures - beautiful scenery. That zone between Wawa and the Sault is wonderful ... as is all the northern shore of Lake Superior. A big hug!

Fotos fenomenals - un paisatge formós. Aquesta zona entre Wawa i el Sault és meravellosa ... com ho és tota la ribera nord del Llac Superior. Una abraçada!

Javitxu said...

Cool pics!!,and I don`t mean the weather!!

Ya falta menos...ah!y cuenta con esas olivas!!jeje

Eliweski said...

Yaaaaay!! I remember Lake Superior... T'enrecordes del nostre super viatge? Wwwwwwatcha gonna do when your little bird fles away, hey hey, uuuuuuuuuu... :-P

Eliweski said...

Per cert, vas rentar el camió només per les fotos?

By the way, did you wash the truck expressely for the pics?

Pat said...

I bet that's a nice place to stop when the temps are higher. Love your blog.

Aposto a que és un bon lloc per aturar quan les temperatures són més altes. Estima el teu bloc.

(google did the translation, I can't speak a word of catalan)