Monday, July 28, 2008


No new pictures this time, since I'm doing a regular run to Calgary or Edmonton. Anyways, I'll post a picture of myself, since I took one while waiting in Calgary.
I'm off to the lake on Wednesday, so keep an eye open for a new post coming up soon.


Georgia Road Geek said...

I can't wait to read your post.

In the meantime, have a safe trip. :)


Lookin sharp Rog!
How's the western run treating you?
Take care

Anonymous said...

M'agrada la pelussa que t'has deixat créixer! (ja sé que no es diu així, però no sé com es diu :P)
I per cert, és Wassup! xD Almenys ho dic jo així. :)

Santiago Escuain said...

Hey, Gem - you say Wassup because you are a lil' limey!

Anonymous said...
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Eliweski said...

Jo, nen, quin careto... :-D si ens has de deixar una foto, almenys somriu!! Una abracada amb ce trencada!!