Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I left Monday mid day, towards Adirondack National Forest in New York State, visited Lake Placid (great used book store there), from there took the ferry to Vermont, drove over to New Hampshire, across the Crawford Notch, up Mt.Washington, and via US Hwy2 straight to Bangor (Maine) and then to Ellsworth for easy access to the Acadia National Park. I arrived home Wednesday night, after 2,300 kms. (1,400 miles).

Subarus seem to be liked in the country. There were millionf of them! My 1996 Subaru Legacy (the burgundy one) felt at home during the trip, I can't wait for the winter so I can have some fun with it...!
It performed excellently during the trip, didn't skip a beat at all. Not bad for the 272,000kms it has now on the clock.

I am missing the pictures from the other camera, I left its battery charger in my truck. But here goes some of the pictures for now

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. The road up (and then down the same way) is 8 miles long and has an average steepnes of 12%, so that means the only way up and down safely is locking the transmission in (L)ow, and stick to 20mph. Lots of fun, the toll was $20 and it included a bumper sticker that reads "This car climbed Mt. Washington!" and a diploma for the driver (me). The summit (8,000and something feet) was covered by a massive cloud, so I couldn't take any pictures from there, but the view was awesome on the drive.

Acadia National Park, Maine. Bass Harbor head light. The turnaround point:


Georgia Road Geek said...

Mt. Washington sounds like a challenge to me.

Love to drive up it myself.

Doulos said...

Great trip, great pictures! A big hug from Spain - Papa

Anonymous said...

Nice Beautiful Views!! :O
Em penso que ho dic en tots els comentaris... però escolta, que m'invitis a un viatge!! xD
Molt bonic, de debò.
Un petoneeeet!! (K)