Sunday, June 29, 2008


Spain won. Spain is the 2008 Eurocup Champion. I can't believe it. So congratulations to myself. I am still dazed. I love Spain. Will post soon.


Javitxu said...

Hehehehehe....all of us proud of our jamón, wine,and now... the soccer team, we are huge!!

How is going everything??,plans for the holidays??.Me,without car, still fighting to get repaired it...

See you soon!

LSEP said...

Huuuuuuuh? Did they WIN? xD

Hauries d'haver vist la gent al metro i al tramvia, tots flipats amb l'ADN i el 20minutos... i els petardos el vespre del partit!

Anonymous said...

Calla que aqui, es van passar la nit pitant amb els cotxes, i tirant petardons!
Un petó i bona nit!

Georgia Road Geek said...

Roger Trucker, you make some kick-a** worldwide "roadgeek videos" IMHO.

I'm subscribing to your blog right now, dude.