Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog will be continued!!!

First of all, I have to say I'm sorry, i didn't realize I had to authorize comments, I thought they were automatically published... I must have changed that for some reason I don't remember.
So look out for my posts, as I will blog more often.Reggie, Elvis and RogerTrucker!!

Thanks for your posts, all of you!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
glad to hear that you keep the blog running. I will keep reading, like i did it from the beginning. Thank you for continuing. Cheers.

Anders Viking said...

Hey, Roger!

Glad to see you are continuing this blog.
I am just loving that trio of trucks there... Keep on trucking!

Ben, where are you from? I too have a trucking blog that maybe you would enjoy reading. Photos included as well.

Best wishes to ya'll,


Anders Viking said...

Sorry...forgot to put the link:



Hey Anders Viking, maybe we can repeat this picture, with the three Spanish truckin' brothers, eh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anders Viking,
I'm from Hungary, not a "real" trucker (driving a 3,5t Mercedes Sprinter throughout Europe). I hope I can drive a real truck after I finish the college. I visited your blog, the photos of the truck are really nice. I liked the "how we eat" post very much!
Cheap diesel and good luck!
cheers Ben.

Santiago Escuain said...

Wo how are conditions in Canada now? Big snow in the east?