Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am thinking of stopping my blog. I don't have any feedback, so you can imagine how I feel... I have an account on facebook (Roger Escuain, the only one) and one on Youtube (rogertrucker). You could follow my travels from any one (I recommend both).
But here are some original photos of my last trip, so you can comment on them.

Across the praries, in Manitoba. A lot of cars spun out in the ditch.

I helped this Russian driver clear the road after he hit this cow-moose on the Trans-Canada HWY, north of Sue-ste Marie, Ontario.

Cheers, and keep on trucking!!


Javi said...

Blogging, blogging, blogging...!!

I will create a platform to save your blog!!!, haha!.

The russian guy was eating moose all the week long, ah?. Already loving the Transcanadian before to go, hahaha!!

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roger Trucker, don't stop your blog please it's interesting, people can learn from it what its like to be a truck driver in canada. I'm really interested how to drive a truck in that long winter, and how the people can handle it. I would like to go there sometime to do a driving job in the near future and it's very useful to read other people's experiences.

Best wishes, cheap gas, etc.
Ben (a 3,5ton van driver...)

Anders Viking said...

Wonderful pics, Roger. Amazing moose and the way it got killed!
Sad to see you are ending this blog.

I am heading back tomorrow for the highway. You have a good flight to Winnipeg!


Doulos said...

Hi, Roger, I for one check your blog, so keep it going, even if sometimes I am too harried to stop and make comments. Great pictures! A hug!

marco said...

I would like drive like you. Some day..... I will do it. I respect you men. Bye Bye


No need for the "plataforma Salvem el Blog", Javi!


Thanks everyone, and I'm sorry, for some reason the comments were not published due to some stupid glich in my comment aproving system... But I got around that.
Again, thanks!

hambone said...

Man that moose really tore up that Volvo. Like the blog Roger trucker.

Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Did that moose smell?

I went back to see the damage after one ran under the tandems once and i don't think ive ever smelled anything like that before. Dumb beasts need to take baths. And stop head butting trucks too.