Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New job: H&R Transport

Hello, y'all!
Sorry for the delay on my posts, but I did loose my job, due to the recession, of course.
But all is well, I just started work at H&R Transport, out of Lethbridge, AB. I will be based out of Montreal.
I just finished mt training in Toronto, and tomorrow I drive off on my first trip. They have assigned me an almost new Freightliner Cascadia, like the one in the picture.

(Picture from

I look forward to sharing more of it to you. I apologise to you for leaving my blog unattended, but the last two weeks have been total stress, looking for a job.
For those of you following me on Youtube (, thank you for your prayers and your best wishes.


Marcoiris said...

Pues muy buena suerte en tu nuevo trabajo! Me alegro que todo haya salido bien. Un saludo :)

chilliflowers said...

Congratulations, Roger. Look forward to following your new videos on YouTube.

El Santy said...

wish you luck in your new job. This recesion hitted all of us, and transportation is one of the most sensitive activitties to recesions. I hope it ends soon cause bellow grande river things are getting really bad.

Javi said...

So welcome to the "Big Red...", well, you know what I mean, lol.

Ahora no tienes excusa para compartir una tarde en Vegas, ¿no?.

Nos vemos prontito, ¡seguro!.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Lookin' foward to hear more from you!
Every time I listen to Garth Brooks, I think of you... wink.


Gracias a tod@s!! Nos vemos en la ruta!!
Thanks y'all!! See ya on the road!!

Anonymous said...

Hola colega que tal, estoy trabajando 12-13 horas todos los dias y cuando llego a casa no tengo ganas de nada,pero me alegro mucho que ya estes enganchado otra vez.

Un saludo muy grande y prudencia en la ruta


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