Saturday, June 6, 2009


Here are pictures of my new truck, a 2009 Freightliner Cascadia, Detroit Diesel Series 60, Automatic 13 speed, with all the extras.

Most recent picture, this evening at Portage La Prairie, MB

Pictures taken at the Wal-Mart in Dryden, ON.

Interior is nicely finished. I love it. It's better than the Peterbilt!

Driving down the road, exhausted. Looking for a truck stop...

Ain't life beautiful??

On down the road...


Javi said...

What about the "Smartshift", comfy life, eh?

It´s funny to see you driving an H&R truck, hahaha... I can't get used to it!!

See you, you!

Chilliflowers said...

Nice truck. Glad you're back in the "rocking chair"! Keep the videos coming.


Javi, SmartShift, DumDriver... I love it! It's a LOT better than the old version!
Chiili, the videos will keep coming!
Thx y'all!

El Santy said...

Awsome the trucks you have in those routes with all kiond of technology, sometimes I understand why US government don´t let mexican trucks go to your highways

Ben said...

Hi Roger,
congratulations for the new job, I hope you will like it, please keep us posted!
Have a safe journey, cheers!

Marcoiris said...

It looks really nice! I like the contrast between the pictures of you.
Drive safe!

mickfly said...

Good luck roger, out with the blue and in with the new, and even the viking has a new truck, but a long way from you.

Anonymous said...

Però què HANDSOME és el meu primu!!!! M'encanten les teves fotos, encara que estiguis cansta ><
Jejeje, m'alegro que el teu nou camió sigui genial. Un petó ben fort!! :D

Marc-Daniel said...

Molt guapes les fotos, quin contrast amb la que estàs cansat i somriguent després :D Au, Bona Ruta!