Monday, August 24, 2009

Trucking on!

Montreal transport yard. Front seat view to the airport runway. I could stay there for hours...

Three cops in a row, awaiting in ambush. Hwy 401 Montral-Toronto.


Chilliflowers said...

Interesting combination of photos -- from the freedom of flying to the constraints of the highway system! Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a new post. Your poor blog must feel neglected. :P
I like your beard, by the way^^
Enjoyed seeing the pics and I'm thankful that you're OK =)


Yes CF, it's a great contrast from flying to driving, yet in the end it is very similar. Ask my first officer friend! Except for the money, that is...
Forget the beard MS! It just dosn't grow properly on me.
Please forgive the neglect, I have been trying to update my Youtube account while on the road.