Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take a rest from trucking!

Day trip into Quebec to get some work done, with the help of a friend.

I still love my Subaru, even if it is old and has high mileage (287.800 kms), but it does have to be babied sometimes...

Mmm... Nothing like a Subaru boxer engine, nice and flat. Easy to work on.

It needed a new ignition coil.

On the ferry, crossing the Ottawa river into Ontario.

Approaching sunset on the river.


Anonymous said...

I got lost on all that technical language, but still. I like the sunset picture^^

Marcoiris said...

wow 287,000 miles!!! I'm really impressed. Our Honda has 150.000 now and I thought that it was an old car.. he he

Jose said...

Roger!! amigo mio como estas ya estoy de vuelta a casa , te llamare en estos dias a ver si conversamos .

Un saludo y un abrazo



MoonShaw, the ignition coil sends the electricity to every spark plug in the cylinders.
Marcoiris, not miles, it's in kilometers. This is Canada, eh. About 175,000 miles in American.
Joze, bienvenido a Canada! Nos hablamos!
Cheers y'all,

Dutch Road geek said...

How on earth did you get 287.000 kilometers on it while you're trucking all day? :)

LSEP said...

Holeeee! Fa temps que no respiro, però trec el cap per aquí de tant en tant. Viatja bé i molts petons!

trucker ed said...

I am an editor for Truckers News in US. We are doing story about trucking around world and I'd like to interview you via email about your experiences in Europe. Are you interested? It would cover lifestyle, trucker place in society, pay etc. Thanks.

Jose said...

Roger hechale un vistazo a esto

que lo pases bien con las fotos

Un saludo y dame un telefonazo